It All Began Not Too Long Atlanta, Georgia

After many years of graphic design experience creating packaging, magazines and a wide variety of collateral, I challenged myself to create something different to display for a holiday party we were hosting in our loft —a large wall graphic to hang in a long hallway worth of a large display. Being trained in the composition of art but preferring the talents of skilled photographers, I called on my partner, Travis, to provide from a recent shoot in nearby Cabbagetown. We had been down the street to walk the Krog tunnel which is kind of like a living piece of art -that is covered in graffiti, we found it quite interesting. With Travis' keen eye for just the right shot, we took numerous photos in an attempt to capture the expressions before us. The result soon became the subject of "Messages in a Tunnel."

After the production of "Messages in a Tunnel," the interest was so strong that I decided to expand my graphic design business to include the print for sale. The piece has inspired many more new creations —any or all of which can be  yours from our site.


Messages in a Tunnel


Greg Vaughn


Bachelor of Fine Art

University of Tennessee


Recipient of 36 awards of achievement in various national design competitions


Also designs collateral, packaging, trade shows, magazines



Brooklyn Bridge with
SoHo Peeking In